Second-Time Dad Jimmy Fallon Appropriately Renames Himself 'Completely Exhausted'

Second-Time Dad Jimmy Fallon Appropriately Renames Himself 'Completely Exhausted'

After welcoming his second daughter, Frances Cole, last week, Jimmy Fallon returned to The Tonight Show last night, a full of new-dad bliss and totally sleep-deprived.

"Welcome to The Tonight Show!" he announced in his opening monologue, adding, "I'm your host, completely exhausted." Already dad to 1-year-old Winnie, Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen now have two daughters under the age of two. The host also shared some adorable photos of baby Franny with the audience.

During the show, guest Chris Rock eased Fallon's mind about parenting two kids. "Two kids are easier than one, because they play together,” said Rock, who is dad to 12-year-old Lola and 10-year-old Zarah. "So when you have one, you have to be the show. When you got two, you’re just an usher.”

Spot on, Chris Rock.

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