Jimmy Fallon Spoofs GOP Political Ads: Romney, Perry, Bachmann & Cain (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Late Night," Jimmy Fallon caught up on his 2012 election humor with four political ad parodies for the GOP frontrunners. Almost no one was spared, with Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann all getting spoofed -- and Fallon plays them all (minus Cain).

Fallon dons some excellent silver sideburns to do Romney's ad, which sends up his flip-flopping on the issues as of late, and puts on a less-than-convincing wig to play Rick Perry.

His spoof of the Texas Governor probably gets the most laughs, especially when he starts saying all the things he'll do to gain America's favor once again, such as "go on 'Dr. Oz' and get a prostate exam" and learn how to "Dougie."

And yes, Fallon does put on a dress, makeup, pearls and a fine Minnesota accent to play Michele Bachmann, who firmly states her opinions on things like China and thunder, but he gets some help with Herman Cain's ad.

Let's just say, Cain's "999" plan sounds a lot better in song.

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