Howard Schultz Reveals The Starbucks Barista Reason For White House Run In Spoof Ad

Jimmy Fallon explains all as the coffee chain's former CEO on "The Tonight Show."

Jimmy Fallon jumped into character as former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for a spoof campaign ad on Thursday.

And “The Tonight Show” host as Schultz revealed why he was considering a presidential run as an independent in 2020.

It was because people around America had been telling him “please for the love of God, don’t run for president. Why on earth would you do this?”

Many Democrats have suggested Schultz may split the vote and contribute to the re-election of President Donald Trump.

“But just like a true Starbucks barista, I didn’t hear the words properly,” said Fallon as Schultz. “To me, it sounded like, ‘That’s a great idea, you should really run for president.’”

Check out the clip above.