Jimmy Fallon Interviews Himself For Men's Health

Just when you thought Jimmy Fallon couldn't get any funnier, he agreed to interview himself for the March issue of Men's Health. Yup, you read that right -- Jimmy Fallon interviewed Jimmy Fallon and it was pretty epic.

Here are some highlights:

This is Men’s Health, so we should probably talk about how I’m keeping in such amazing shape.
Oh, Jimmy, you really are. And you’re doing it in spite of the beer and pizza and the chicken wings you found at this awesome Korean place that you go to at least once a week. But go ahead, Jimmy, lie to yourself. Tell yourself you’re in great shape.

You’ve had your share of workouts on "Late Night." There’s the “History of Rap” bit we do with Justin Timberlake. We have to be at least in semigood shape to pull off all that dancing.
Well, it didn’t come naturally. I remember watching Soulja Boy on YouTube over and over again to prepare for it. For the first one, I was up all night in my kitchen practicing the dance because I knew I had to dance with Timberlake, and that guy can dance. And you, Jimmy Fallon, cannot dance. But that’s just because you over-rehearsed it. You didn’t stop until finally your wife came into the kitchen and said, “Honey, it’s 1:30 in the morning. You have to stop this. Just go to sleep.”

What have we learned about women over the years? What’s the Jimmy Fallon secret to ending up with a fantastic woman?
The truest thing I can say is ... sometimes you just know. But that’s terrible advice. The only people who say that are the people who just knew. How do you know unless you found that person?

What’s your happiness secret?
[Long pause.] Wow. Now we’re spelunking into a cave of thought. Hmm ... It’s just a way of being. Every little thing in moderation: stress, anger, joy, depression.

But what was a high point for you? When are you, we, Jimmy Fallon our very happiest?
You’ve had a lot of those high points. You have a baby, which you’ve been wanting for a long time. You felt very lucky that it happened at all.

We had a long struggle with that.
We did. I think that makes you slow down sometimes and appreciate the little things. There’ll be nights when you’re sitting on your couch, and you’re with your beautiful wife, who you can’t believe married you, and your beautiful baby, who you feel endlessly grateful you were able to have. And your dog ...

Our dog is amazing too?
Oh my gosh, we have a really, really great dog. It doesn’t bark. My dog almost smiles, which is weird. So you’re sitting there, with your wife and your baby and your smiling dog, and you’re watching "Real Housewives" getting into fistfights on TV. And you go, “How great is my life? I’m so happy right now.”

That trumps your "Tonight" gig?
It really does. That’s what true happiness is right there.

See more of Jimmy's interview at MensHealth.com and pick up the new issue, on newsstands Feb. 4.




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