Jimmy Fallon & Jonah Hill Have A #Hashtag Convo, And Martin Scorsese Drops In

If one thing came out of Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill's Twitter-influenced conversation on last night's "Tonight Show," it's that Martin Scorsese now knows what a hashtag is.

Fallon brought back his backstage "#hashtag" bit (the first one was with Justin Timberlake), this time to gab with Hill about "The Wolf of Wall Street," Snoop Dogg, "Friends" and other rapid-fire subjects that naturally flow when an online vernacular penetrates real-life conversations.

Hill's "Wolf" director then dropped by and reminded them to cut it out. "Hashtag, it's been done," said the director of "Raging Bull."

Thankfully, Questlove put an end to the nonsense. "Hashtag, shut the f*ck up." You know that it's time to stop using the word "hashtag" out loud when a man who spells his name with a question mark thinks it's annoying.