Jimmy Fallon And Keith Urban Turn 'FML' Stories Into Hilarious Country Songs

We didn't think these stories could get any funnier.

If you've ever spent time scrolling through the stories on fmylife.com, you know how funny they are (unless they happened to you, in which case, we're sorry).

On Friday night, Jimmy Fallon and Keith Urban managed to make the site's sad tales even funnier by giving them a hilarious country music twist. In a segment called "FML Country Singers” the duo sang user-shared stories of life's general crappiness with all the country twang you could ever want. The result is pure gold -- Fallon and Urban could barely keep themselves composed through the entire thing.

Trust us, after watching, you'll never be able to read stories like, "Today, I heard water dripping from the back of our house. I went to investigate, only to find a man peeing on our garden gnome. FML," in your regular voice ever again.

Watch the whole video above.

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