Jimmy Fallon Makes The Mount Rushmore Of Burns After Trump's Twitter Ban

The president may be out of tweets, but he's still getting the verbal equivalent of the bird.

Twitter finally broke out its autocorrect last week, banning Donald Trump for the risk of inciting further violence after his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol.

He may be out of tweets, but on Monday’s “Tonight Show” Trump still got the verbal equivalent of the bird, as host Jimmy Fallon went on a riff about Trump’s permanent suspension.

“A lifetime ban. Trump’s basically the Pete Rose of social media,” Fallon said, referring to the Major League Baseball hits leader who was banned for betting on the sport.

“Right now Trump’s phone is stuffed into a pile of rice after being drenched with tears,” Fallon added. “The good news is now Twitter can go back to what it used to be for, judging celebrities at award shows.”

The “Tonight Show” host got a little out of breath reading all the sites that have now banned Trump, including Facebook, Twitch, TikTok and Shopify.

“Trump started this year thinking he should be on Mount Rushmore. Now, he can’t even get on Instagram,” Fallon joked. “Seriously, in one weekend, Trump’s phone became a $2,000 flashlight.”

Though, as the comedian points out, there is one downside.

“Of course, now we’re going to have to settle with him holding 50 press conferences a day and yelling 280 characters at a time,” Fallon said.

See the segment above.