Jimmy Fallon's Favorite #MomQuotes Tweets Prove Mom Is The Greatest


Whether she's talking about riding home in a "YouBert" or taking "facies" with friends, you can always count on Mom for a great quote.

In honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy Fallon asked you to tweet your best #MomQuotes. Look, you already know Mom is the greatest lady in the universe, but these quotes prove it even more:

My mom says "Who da Mom?" if she does something nice for us. We have to respond "You da Mom" or she won't stop asking . #momquotes

— Tressa Giardina (@Tressa___Mae) May 6, 2015

@jimmyfallon When my brother & I would ask who she loved more, my mom would say, "I really don't like either one of you." 😂 #MomQuotes

— Brianne Karazsia (@bri_karazsia) May 6, 2015

Yep. Love you, too, Mom.

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