Jimmy Fallon And Nancy Juvonen Adorably Reminisce About 'Rager' Wedding

The "Tonight Show" host and his film producer wife had the best time recounting the details of their intimate 2007 destination wedding.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen just took a walk around their neighborhood and a stroll down memory lane, revisiting their 2007 nuptials.

During the “Ask the Fallons” segment on Tuesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition,” the host and his film producer wife responded to a viewer question about what their wedding was like.

In the video, the couple recounts how their Dec. 22, 2007, destination wedding on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private spot in the British Virgin Islands, came to be.

After their August 2007 engagement, Juvonen was busy starting production on “He’s Just Not That Into You” and Jimmy was working on another project. Their wedding vendors “wanted to talk about napkins and things we just could not have cared less [about] on any level,” Juvonen said. A big, traditional wedding just wasn’t appealing to the couple.

Around Thanksgiving that year, Fallon told his travel agent, Michael Holtz, that his dream would be to get married on Necker Island. Holtz informed the couple that they’d have to rent it out for at least two weeks, so they nixed the idea.

Later, Holtz came back with some good news. Branson’s daughter was having a baby so the Virgin founder was going to spend Christmas with her, instead of on the island. Because Branson was a fan of Fallon’s, he agreed to rent the island to the couple for a few days around the holidays.

“Jimmy goes, ’What if we got married in three weeks instead of next summer?’” Juvonen said. “And I’m like, this is the best idea of all human time. So we had 12 people at our wedding. I just got a dress done as fast as I could.”

The guest list consisted of parents, siblings and best friends, including Juvonen’s pal and business partner Drew Barrymore. (They co-founded the production company Flower Films together.) Other relatives, however, weren’t thrilled about not making the guest list.

“There are some aunts that don’t talk to us to this day,” Fallon said.

Ultimately, the couple was happy with their decision to throw an intimate celebration.

“Man, we had a rager time,” Fallon said. “It was so much fun.”

One of the high points? The wildlife on the island.

“All those flamingos and the giant turtles!” the couple said in unison.

After the wedding, family members flew home and Fallon, Juvonen and Barrymore stayed on the island with the staff for Boxing Day (Dec. 26). But there was a catch — not that they newlyweds minded.

“They go, ‘We’re not cleaning, we’re not cooking — you have to cook with us and eat with us and do whatever,‘” Juvonen said. “And we were like, ‘[We’re] in!’”

Fallon called it, “Hands down one of the best days and nights of my life.”

“It was the best wedding I ever had,” Juvonen joked.

The couple, who first met on the set of “Saturday Night Live,” went on to have two kids, daughters Winnie and Franny, who recently made an adorable cameo during dad’s interview with Ethan Hawke.

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