Jimmy Fallon's Pete Buttigieg: 'I'm The Avocado Toast Of The Democratic Party'

"The Tonight Show" host gave a lasting impression of the presidential candidate.

Jimmy Fallon has become an early adopter of a Pete Buttigieg impersonation.

After the Democratic South Bend, Indiana, mayor formally announced his candidacy for president, “The Tonight Show” host spoofed him on Monday.

Fallon’s Buttigieg likes to emphasize the multiple languages he speaks, military cred (Navy) and smarts (Harvard.) “I was so qualified to go to college, Harvard bribed me to go,” the faux Buttigieg brags in a reference to the college admissions scandal.

Fallon’s Buttigieg may have stumbled upon an alternative slogan for the millennial hopeful. “I’m the avocado toast of the Democratic Party.”

Watch the bit above.