Jimmy Fallon's First Visit To Olive Garden Gets Saucy With Post Malone

The two break bread(sticks) at the rapper's favorite restaurant.

Jimmy Fallon made his first visit to Olive Garden way more memorable by going with rapper Post Malone.

In a segment that aired Thursday on “The Tonight Show,” the two reveled in the free wine samples and unlimited salad while milking the meal for laughs.

The “Rockstar” and “Psycho” performer schooled the chat host on how to properly butter the chain’s famous breadsticks, and at one point he asked the waitress for “a laundry basket of croutons.” Fallon made the whimsical request come true.

“Jimmy, you’re the best dad ever,” Malone gushed.

Malone apparently loves O.G., and swore to Fallon on the limo ride to the restaurant chain’s Times Square location that he has “not been monetarily compensated” for his endorsement.

The two, of course, got the VIP treatment anyway. The surreal scene makes it worth joining them for dinner in the clip above.

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