Jimmy Fallon Reveals One Pet Peeve About Working With His Family

A "Tonight Show" version of "Hot Ones" got even spicier.

Wings are hot, but everyone knows tea is spicier.

On Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon teamed up with “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans to do a remote version of his show, with Alex Rodriguez joining as the celebrity guest who eats increasingly spicy chicken wings while being interviewed.

Because the “Tonight Show” has been filming from Fallon’s home amid the coronavirus pandemic, his wife, Nancy Juvonen, and daughters, Winnie and Frances, have been subbing in as his production crew — and in the case of his daughters, regularly crashing his monologues and interviews. So Evans asked Fallon if he was ever annoyed when they didn’t do their jobs right.

“No, I could never do that. I mean, my wife is a rock star,” said Fallon, before spilling a tiny spot of tea.

“She did do this with her neck as she was filming once,” Fallon said, rolling his neck around. “And I thought she was just bored with what I was doing. So, I was like, ‘Honey, what?’ And she’s like, ‘What?’ I go, ‘You can’t roll your head or roll your eyes while I’m doing a thing, because it looks like what I’m saying is boring.’”

Fallon reiterated “that was the only thing,” before joking that his daughters, who are acting as his graphics department, have been slacking on their coloring lately.

The “Tonight Show” host later described a situation when someone was actually annoyed at him, which involved Selena Gomez throwing up after another “Tonight Show” edition of “Hot Ones.”

And let’s be honest, Fallon’s family hijinks are the best part of the “Tonight Show” from home. You know, as long those kids get that coloring back in line!

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