Jimmy Fallon Rips Savage Lines About Rudy Giuliani Farting During Hearing

Donald Trump's personal attorney appeared to break wind in a viral video from a Michigan hearing challenging the election.

Jimmy Fallon cut right to the cheese Thursday in mocking Rudy Giuliani for his apparent farting mishap at an election fraud hearing in Michigan.

Donald Trump’s personal attorney spewed baseless assertions challenging President-elect Joe Biden’s victory during this week’s legislative hearing ― and viral footage apparently caught him breaking wind as well.

Fact-checking site Snopes determined the audio in the clip is genuine, but could not say for sure it was Giuliani who dealt it.

Watch the video at the 2:57 mark above. And prepare to be blown away by “The Tonight Show” host’s punchlines. They aren’t silent but they are deadly.

“Can we go one week without something leaking out of Rudy Giuliani?” Fallon cracked, referring to the former New York City mayor’s recent embarrassment when a dark substance oozed down his face during a news conference.

“We’ve had liquids and now gas,” the host continued. “God help us when a solid comes out of him.”

Fallon wasn’t finished. Watch the monologue above.

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