Jimmy Fallon Should Book Russian Protest Punk Rock Group Pussy Riot on the Tonight Show

Something extraordinary happened at the Sochi Olympics this week. The courageous women of the Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot were beaten and whipped while they protested against Vladimir Putin at the Sochi Olympics. I wrote about Putin in my recent column in The Hill, and now suggest here that Jimmy Fallon book Pussy Riot to appear on the Tonight Show while NBC covers the Olympics. This show would attract a humongous world-wide audience through all forms of conventional and social media.

It is extraordinary that while the courageous women of Pussy Riot, who have bigger balls than certain male leaders in the Western world, protest against Russian repression they are beaten and whipped at the site of the Olympics, by Cossacks who were sent by the rulers of the nation that hosts the Olympics.

Let's give a standing ovation to the women of Pussy Riot. They have detained, arrested, beaten, whipped and jailed in their battle against repression and for human rights.

Nothing would be better for American television, which too often ignores the important in favor of the trivial, than Jimmy Fallon making a big fat statement for a show that would attract big ratings by inviting the Pussy Riot band to be guests on his show to perform their art and advance their cause.