Trial Date Sparks 'Small' Trump-Stormy Daniels Exchange In Jimmy Fallon's Mind

The "Tonight Show" host's wink-wink jokes about Trump's anatomy got the audience going.

Jimmy Fallon had a below-the-belt response to a judge announcing that Donald Trump’s trial regarding hush money to Stormy Daniels would begin on March 25. (Watch the video below.)

On Thursday, the “Tonight Show” host imagined a “small”-minded exchange between the former president and Daniels, the porn star he allegedly paid off to stay silent about their affair. Trump is accused of falsifying records to conceal the transaction.

Fallon joked that the two seemed to agree on a lot about the trial.

“First Trump said, ‘This whole thing is just a small inconvenience.’ Stormy Daniels said, ‘Oh it was small and inconvenient alright,’” Fallon quipped. “And then Trump said, ‘At most this case is a little annoying.’ Stormy Daniels said, ‘Little, annoying ― sounds about right.’”

The audience appreciated the comedian doubling up on the double entendres.

Daniels described Trump’s penis as “toadstool”-shaped and “smaller than average” in her 2018 book “Full Disclosure.”

Fallon’s wink-wink routine wasn’t finished, by the way. Check out what else he had to say at the 0:50 mark:

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