Jimmy Fallon Zings DeSantis About A 'Gift' He Could've Offered Biden

"The Tonight Show" host joked about the Florida governor after he met with Biden on Wednesday.

Jimmy Fallon joked about the one gift Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) could’ve given President Joe Biden during their meeting in Florida on Wednesday.

Biden, who toured Fort Myers in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, shook hands with DeSantis and said the potential 2024 Republican candidate for president had done something “pretty remarkable” in his response to the storm.

“The Tonight Show” host reminded the audience about DeSantis’ past criticism of Biden and said he was like the school bully in a Disney sitcom who suddenly “realizes he needs help on his math homework.”

Fallon also joked that DeSantis had also offered Biden a token of gratitude.

“But DeSantis was actually nice to Biden. He actually even offered him a free flight to Martha’s Vineyard,” Fallon said.

Watch more of Fallon’s monologue below:

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