Jimmy Fallon Points Out Wildest Thing About Trump's $70,000 Hair Care Bill

The "Tonight Show" host discussed reports of Trump's hairy tax situation.

When it comes to having hair like President Donald Trump, you have toupee.

On Sunday, The New York Times released a bombshell story reviewing more than two decades of Trump’s tax information, revealing that the president hasn’t paid income tax in 10 of the last 15 years.

Jimmy Fallon discussed the news on “The Tonight Show” on Monday, joking that “when it comes to avoiding taxes, Trump knows every loophole. For instance, on next year’s taxes he plans on claiming his coronavirus response as a total loss.”

Among the revelations from the Times report that have generated a lot of buzz are the president’s alarming business expense costs, including “more than $70,000 paid to style his hair during ‘The Apprentice.’”

Considering this HuffPost reporter’s personal research, which shows you can get in and out of Supercuts for around $20, that’s a bit steep. But Fallon pointed out something about the hefty price tag that everyone’s missing.

After hearing about the styling costs, “The Tonight Show” host, who infamously tousled Trump’s hair in 2016, quipped, “The crazy part isn’t that he spent $70,000 on his hair, it’s that clearly $70,000 wasn’t enough.”

“Should’ve went with $150,000,” he added.

An even more damaging part of the Times story reveals that the president is facing a personal debt of $421 million, which Fallon believed was a “huge shock.”

“All this time I thought the guy who lost money running a casino was a financial whiz,” Fallon joked.

Check out the clip above to see Fallon review the rest of Trump’s hairy tax situation.

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