Jimmy Fallon Weighs In On Conan/Leno Drama (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon took a moment out of his show on Jan. 10 to address the current late night drama going on between Leno, Conan and NBC. Not offering any opinion on the time slot of his own show, Fallon expressed his conflicted feelings about the two Late Night hosts competing for time slots.

"I owe it to you guys to let you know how I feel about this whole thing," Fallon said. "I'm happy to have a job, [...] but it's kind of weird, because these are two of my heroes and two of my friends."

In a sincere evaluation, Fallon didn't choose "Team Conan" or "Team Jay" and instead praised both hosts for helping him become the host of "Late Night."

"Leno gave me so much advice, and so did Conan," Fallon said. "And if Conan didn't kick ass here for 17 years, I wouldn't be here."

Fallon then claimed the scuffle was similar to getting married and "finally getting to know the in-laws and they are CRAZY." He seemed rather removed from the situation, concentrating more on putting on a good show.

"I'm going to do what they [Leno and Conan] taught me to do, which is have fun, keep trying new things and don't take anything too seriously."