20 Reasons Jimmy Fallon Will Rock This Parenting Thing

Jimmy Fallon went back to work one day after he and wife Nancy Juvonen welcomed their new baby girl, Winnie Rose Fallon, to the world. His excitement over being a father was infectious.


Fallon also confessed that he hopes he doesn't "screw this up." Based on everything we've ever seen, though, that appears to be a highly unlikely scenario. Rather, we contend that Jimmy Fallon is about to take the throne as World's Best Dad. Because...

1. He already knows how to "Dad Dance."

2. And "Mom Dance."


3. The Roots could play her first birthday party. Or Justin Timberlake.

the roots

4. He has already made it through the "no" phase with a practice toddler.

2013-07-25-falloncapitalone.gif 2013-07-25-falloncapitalone2.gif

2013-07-25-falloncapitalone3.gif 2013-07-25-falloncapitalone4.gif

5. He jams with Elmo.


6. He knows that sometimes it's just not possible to keep a straight face.


7. He has connections and can probably get her her own ice cream flavor.

late night snack

8. He will teach her manners, like the importance of writing thank-you notes. 2013-07-24-thankyounotegif.gif

9. He co-created a whole TV series about guys with kids.

guys with kids

10. He'll tell her about the friendships you make at camp.

camp fallon

11. He'll know the right thing to say when she is in middle school and feeling self-conscious: "Whenever you're feeling insecure, just remember you are pretty. And you are interesting. And you are cool."

12. He will go all out for Halloween.

jimmy fallon chicken

13. He will keep her up to speed on the news.

14. He'll introduce her to the "Reading Rainbow" theme song as Jim Morrison.

15. And get into her music too.

16. She will know he's the boss.

17. He understands life from a woman's perspective -- fake eyelashes and all.

18. He will inspire her to take risks in pursuing her dreams.

19. She will get to play with this guy at some point.

Of all of the happiest moments in my life - playing with my dog for 10 minutes is up there. -- @jimmyfallon

20. He has started out as a dad with qualities that every parent needs -- a willingness to fail and laugh at himself.

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