77-Year-Old Man Was Caught On Tape Violating A Pig, Police Say

A 77-year-old man in southern Oklahoma has been charged with a crime against nature in connection with an incident in which he allegedly violated a pig.

Jimmy "Hawkeye" Jeter, of Davis, was arrested Thursday after a camera allegedly caught him sexually assaulting a show pig. The incident occurred in an agriculture barn on property belonging to Davis Public Schools, police said.

According to court documents obtained by KFOR-TV, Jeter walked into the pig pen, "unzipped his pants, appeared to pull something out of his pants, then bent over" a female pig.

Questioned by police about his alleged illegal activities, Jeter denied having sexual intercourse with the pig.

"I just stuck my finger up her private. That's all I did," Jeter said, according to police.

The man also allegedly admitted he was sexually gratified by the incident and told police he "did this in the early '70s."

Jeter has a previous criminal record and served prison time in 2008 for cattle theft and was arrested in 2011 for allegedly stealing horses, local radio station KTOK reported.

According to Kansas City's FOX 4 News, Jeter has been charged with "detestable and abominable crime against nature" for the latest incident and was booked into the Murray County Jail.