Jimmy John's Employees Fired For Jumping Rope With Bread Dough

As Homer Simpson might say, "D'oh!"

Some former workers at a Florida Jimmy John’s are getting a taste of unemployment after filming a video showing them jumping rope with bread dough.

The video which was posted on SnapChat shows the employees of a Jacksonville Jimmy John’s franchise literally playing with their food, including using the dough as a jump rope, First Coast News reported Monday. 

The raw video, seen below, shows the raw dough hitting the ground multiple times.

Like bread dough itself, the video is getting a rise out of some people who’ve seen the video.

Latisha Ware, who was getting coffee near the sandwich stop where the video was reportedly filmed, was repulsed by what she saw.

“That’s disgusting. That’s pretty gross,” she told local station WJXT. “I can only imagine what the health inspector is going to do to them.” 

Franchise owners James and Rebecca Williams have reportedly fired the employees responsible for using food products as physical education tools.

They released this statement to the media: 

“Our investigation confirmed the dough used in the video was immediately discarded after the incident, however we do not condone this behavior from our employees and appropriate action has been taken to prevent this from ever happening again.”

An inspector with the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants came into the restaurant on Tuesday for an impromptu inspection.

The Jimmy John’s was cited for 17 violations, including a high priority one for a food cooler was 12 degrees over the specified 41-degree temperature, according to