Jimmy Kimmel Shuts Down Aaron Rodgers With Wild Conspiracy Theory Of His Own

The late-night host dropped a bonkers claim about the New York Jets quarterback, who is accused of spreading lies about the Sandy Hook massacre.

Jimmy Kimmel cooked up a wild conspiracy theory about Aaron Rodgers on Thursday after the New York Jets quarterback was accused of spreading lies about the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The late-night host took aim at Rodgers, a potential running mate for independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after CNN reported that he spread conspiracy theories about the deadly massacre.

Kimmel, who feuded with Rodgers in January, noted the quarterback’s response to the CNN report before asking his audience to “buckle in” for a story that would “shock” them about the ex-Green Bay Packers star.

“What the deep state won’t tell you is that Aaron Rodgers never played football. He’s not a football player; he faked his entire career,” Kimmel quipped.

“Fact, first time he played in an NFL game was last year –– the week before his first game with the Jets –– Aaron’s body double, the guy who played every single game for him before this, died of COVID and they had nobody dumb looking enough to fill in.”

He went on to refer to the quarterback tearing his Achilles with the Jets last year, claiming that the “real” Rodgers had to fake an injury and that the No. 8 represents “man’s true ‘born again’ event when he’s resurrected from the dead into eternal life” according to the Bible.

“And guess what number Rodgers chose to wear when he ‘played’ for the Jets? Anyone? Anyone?” Kimmel asked.

“Eight,” replied Guillermo Rodriguez.

“Eight, that’s right, No. 8. Whoa, wow,” Kimmel said. “That story, by the way, is more believable than what Aaron Rodgers told people happened at Sandy Hook.”

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