Jimmy Kimmel Proves Some Americans Still Think Barack Obama Is Muslim

But really, is he?

Despite numerous reports against it, 54 percent of Republicans still reportedly think the president is Muslim, which begs the question: Is he? (Another question: why do we still care?)

Sure, the president has said he's "Christian by choice" and that Christ has influenced the life he "would want to lead." But really, what does he mean by that? Obama has even brought up his Christianity in speeches, which seems convincing until you realize that's EXACTLY what a non-Christian would do if they were trying to convince you they were Christian. Nice try, Mr. President. Nice try.

To find out what Americans really think about the president's religion, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew out to ask people if they thought Obama was Muslim. And the answers are basically exactly what you'd expect.

Is the president Muslim? The truth is we'll probably never know ... even though we already know.

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