Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Donald Trump During Oscars For His War On The Media

“We have no tolerance for fake news ... fake tans we love.”

As expected, Jimmy Kimmel went after Donald Trump almost immediately during the 89th annual Academy Awards ceremony.

After he repeatedly roasted Trump in his Oscars monologue, Kimmel spent his first transitional segment making fun of the president for calling the media “fake news.”

Kimmel asked if anyone from CNN, the Los Angeles Times or the New York Times were in the building, and then jokingly asked them all to leave.

“We have no tolerance for fake news,” said Kimmel, adding, “Fake tans we love.”

The comedian went on to kid that anybody who works for an organization with “Times” in the name ― including “Medieval Times” ― was no longer welcome.

People on Twitter seemed to particularly like the shoutout to the popular knight-themed dinner theater venue.

Here’s video of Kimmel’s segment on fake news:

Here’s a quote from Kimmel’s monologue earlier in the night:

Ji Sub Jeong / The Huffington Post