Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Sums Up Bonkers 'Bachelor' Pacifier Fight

Tensions between two contestants erupted into a physical altercation on the "Women Tell All" episode.

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to make sense of Tuesday’s loopy “Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor” ― a sit-down with eliminated contestants that erupted into a physical fight involving a pacifier.

The talk show host, who sometimes comments on highlights of the reality dating show, got a bit caught up in the cuts to bachelor Colton Underwood showering during the tell-all. “Maybe he’s trying to scrub the show off his body,” he cracked.

But then Kimmel got down to the drama ― a blowup between contestants Courtney and Demi that perhaps was destined to happen. Demi once called Courtney “the cancer of the house.”

As the women all seemed to bicker at once, Courtney ordered Demi into timeout like a child and shoved a pacifier in her mouth. That prompted a feisty response from Demi and a funny line from Kimmel about the tell-all. “Maybe the women should tell less the next time around.”

Incidentally, Demi said she’s not pressing charges.

Watch Kimmel break down the evening’s high, er, lowlights above.