Jimmy Kimmel Brings Tourists Into Oscars For Highly Entertaining Bit

Gary from Chicago had the best time.

When nearing Hour 3 of the 89th annual Academy Awards, an audience pick-me-up is required. Ellen had pizza delivered and also orchestrated the most star-studded selfie ever, but Jimmy Kimmel took it to the next level.

The host surprised a Hollywood tour bus group by directing them unknowingly into the Dolby Theatre where the 2017 Oscars were happening live.

Needless to say, it was very entertaining.

Like something out of Black Mirror, Keith Urban pulled out his phone and started filming the fans, who were in turn filming him and his fellow celebrities.

Gary from Chicago was the star, kissing the hands of multiple actresses, taking selfies with Denzel Washington and holding Mahershala Ali’s Oscar almost longer than the actor had up until that point.

A few viewers believe the whole thing was staged, but so far that has not been confirmed. Until then, let’s just assume the magic of Hollywood is a real thing.



Oscars 2017 Ceremony