Watch Jimmy Kimmel Insult A Corgi As She Tries To Make A 'Kobe' Shot

"Lilo's the worst basketball-playing dog I've ever seen," the host declared.

Of all the Kobe Bryant tributes on a night when his old team, the Los Angeles Lakers, won the NBA championship, Lilo the Corgi’s would have to rank as one of the most adorable. (See the video below.)

Lilo did a doggie version of the late Laker legend’s turnaround fadeaway shot on a game-night episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Sunday. At the command of “Kobe” from her human, Denny Koo of Houston, Lilo circled and tapped the ball at the basket.

She missed her first few attempts, prompting the host to snipe: “Lilo’s the worst basketball-playing dog I’ve ever seen.”

She missed another. “This is like Shaq at the free-throw line,” Kimmel cracked.

Poor Lilo.

Could the humiliated hoops-happy pooch redeem herself on national television?

Watch here to find out:

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