COVID-Stricken Jimmy Kimmel Shares Boozy Sick-Day Update With Bewildered Guest Host

“This is not a vacation at all,” Kimmel insisted.

Jimmy Kimmel is off the air this week as he and his family recover from the coronavirus. But guest host Mike Birbiglia caught up with Kimmel via remote and found him looking — well — not quite as sick as might be expected.

“This is not a vacation at all,” Kimmel insisted from behind sunglasses and with a cocktail in hand. “It’s just I was told to kinda relax and y’know, stay at home.”

Molly McNearney, Kimmel’s wife and an executive producer on the show, is also sick with the virus. She briefly appeared to grab some vodka before ducking out of the frame.

“No, Molly’s upstairs in bed,” Kimmel said when Birbiglia pointed her out. “She’s very ill.”

See more in the Tuesday night monologue:

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