Jimmy Kimmel Has A Name For Trump's Mind-Blowing Comment On Breonna Taylor

The president, asked about the failure to charge cops in Taylor's killing, compared himself to Abraham Lincoln in serving the Black community.

Jimmy Kimmel noted Wednesday that President Donald Trump “took a moment to offer words of healing and unity” after a grand jury failed to deliver murder charges against the cops who shot Breonna Taylor in her home.

The host was kidding, of course. (Fast forward to 8:05 below).

As a wave of protests erupted, Trump told a reporter: “Well, my message is that I love the Black community. And I’ve done more for the Black community than any other president. And I say with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, and I mean that. With opportunity zones and with criminal justice reform, with prison reform, with what we’ve done for historically Black universities, colleges, schools, what we’ve done.

“Nobody’s done more. Abraham Lincoln, let’s give him the nod, but beyond that, nobody’s done more,” Trump added.

“Very humble, giving Lincoln the nod,” Kimmel said. “It’s amazing, no matter what you ask him, he makes it about himself.”

Kimmel figured if Trump were asked about the Boston Celtics, he’d say: “Nobody’s done more for the Irish. Nobody’s driven more snakes out of Ireland. Maybe St. Patrick, we’ll give him the nod.”

Kimmel gave Trump’s latest Lincoln comparison the historic title it deserves.

“Thank you for yet another Sweatysburg Address, Donald,” the comedian cracked. “Can’t we just have the election now. Is anyone actually undecided?”


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