Jimmy Kimmel Spots Wildest Part Of Donald Trump’s Latest ‘Golden Showers' Tangent

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host was surprised by the former president's turn of phrase.

Jimmy Kimmel on Monday mercilessly mocked Donald Trump’s latest unprompted reference to one of the more salacious claims that have been made about him.

At a rally in Iowa at the weekend, the former president and Republican 2024 frontrunner brought up the allegations in former British spy Christopher Steele’s unverified dossier which claimed Trump hired prostitutes to perform golden showers on a Moscow hotel bed.

Trump recalled to his fans how difficult it was to tell former first lady Melania Trump that it wasn’t true.

“Actually that one, she didn’t believe. Because she said, ‘He’s a germaphobe, he’s not into that, you know? He’s not into golden showers as they say they call them.’”

Kimmel was surprised by Trump’s turn of phrase.

That one, she didn’t believe,” the late-night TV host cracked in response. “Normally, she has no trouble believing the terrible things. Stormy Daniels, 100% she believes it. This one? Not at all.”

Watch the video here:

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