Jimmy Kimmel Brilliantly Explains Why Trump Stays 'Racist' Amid Coronavirus

In a home isolation video, the late night host fired zingers at the president's "Chinese virus" response to the pandemic.

Jimmy Kimmel is keeping the heat on President Donald Trump as the coronavirus pandemic spreads. (Watch the video above.)

In another at-home monologue Wednesday while “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is suspended, the host zeroed in on the president repeatedly calling the pandemic “the Chinese virus.”

Critics have condemned the terminology as xenophobic. The World Health Organization has cautioned leaders to avoid naming a disease with a location to avoid stigmatizing an area or ethnic group.

Kimmel thinks he’s figured out why Trump unapologetically does it.

“He now calls it ‘the Chinese virus’ every chance he gets cause they say a great way to prevent a virus from spreading is to name it something racist,” the comedian cracked.

“It’s to deflect blame away from him,” Kimmel added. “It’s like when he started calling Eric and Don Jr. ‘the Ivana kids.’”

Watch the segment above to find out why Trump is jealous of Nevada closing its casinos.