Jimmy Kimmel Supercut Debunks The COVID-19 Lie That Trump Tells Over And Over Again

“We’ve rounded so many corners, we’re about to throw up."

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday debunked one particular lie that President Donald Trump keeps telling about COVID-19 over and over again.

Trump has on multiple occasions claimed that the United States is finally “rounding the corner” of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s despite daily infection numbers rising once again across the country and researchers predicting that the nationwide death toll could pass 500,000 by February.

Kimmel aired a montage of Trump repeating the claim alongside footage of various things rounding corners that do not go well, from a cat crashing into the wall to cars falling into a ditch.

“We’ve rounded so many corners, we’re about to throw up,” Kimmel said.

Check out the video here:

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