‘He Is Fixated’: Jimmy Kimmel Uncovers Trump’s Weirdest Obsession Yet

The late-night host said he would pay “so much money” for footage of the former president engaged in this one act.

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday mocked Donald Trump for yet another bizarre off-topic aside after the former president delivered a head-spinning rant on water during a telephone interview.

“He goes from screaming about issues Americans actually do care about to yelling about things that don’t even exist,” Kimmel pointed out. “For whatever reason, he is fixated on water conservation. He’s against it, by the way.”

Kimmel rolled audio of the former president rambling about people being unable to get enough water for their washing machine, something he’s ranted about on and off for years:

“For a man who has never done his own laundry he is very concerned about this washing,” Kimmel said. “You think this man of the people has ever loaded a washing machine? Or a dryer? Or washed a dish? Or rinsed anything other than his filthy boxers in a hotel sink to get the smell of hooker off? Not a chance!”

Kimmel said he’d pay “so much money” to see Trump load a dishwasher ― then came up with a new idea for a realty TV show starring the former president.

Check it out in his Tuesday night monologue:

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