Jimmy Kimmel Spots Perfect New Job For Donald Trump After Herschel Walker Defeat

The talk show host went after the former president's midterm endorsement record.

Jimmy Kimmel found the perfect new job for Donald Trump Wednesday after yet another of his endorsed candidates, Herschel Walker, lost this week in a runoff to Sen. Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate race. (Watch the video below.)

“An endorsement from Trump is almost as worthless as a degree from Trump University. His record in swing states this midterm election was 2-14,” Kimmel said, citing the win-loss of Trump-backed candidates for senator, governor and secretary of state.

“As Trump would say, that’s not good,” Kimmel continued. “Maybe instead of president, with a record like that, he should run for coach of the Houston Texans.”

The NFL team is 1-10-1 heading into its game Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

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