Donald Trump's 'Party Planner' Dishes The Dirt On Fourth Of July Bash

Trump riding a bald eagle around the White House lawn?!?

Jimmy Kimmel conducted an interview with President Donald Trump’s “party planner” (a.k.a. comic Fred Willard) on Monday night. And the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host got the faux scoop on what Trump wants to see at his planned “Salute To America” bash to mark Independence Day.

Per Willard, Trump seeks some “good old-fashioned American fun” at the shindig, such as climate change scientists in dunk tanks and rapper Kanye West performing a Ted Talk into a mirror.

Willard also threw out zingers about Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and counselor Kellyanne Conway, whilst envisioning the president riding a bald eagle on the White House lawn.

Check out the full clip above.

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