Jimmy Kimmel Explains Kanye West Twitter Feud: 'I Don't Know Why He's Angry'

Thursday evening, Kanye West blasted Jimmy Kimmel in a harsh series of tweets. On that night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the talk show host explained what happened.

Basically, Kimmel has no idea why West is so angry.

On Wednesday's show, Kimmel performed a sketch in which he made fun of an interview West performed on the BBC. And Kanye was not pleased about his depiction on the late night talk show.

"He told me I had two choices: One, apologize publicly. And that was really the only choice," Kimmel said. "The other choice he gave was that my life is going to be much better if I apologize.” But apologize Kimmel did not, and instead lambasted West for threatening him on the phone.

Kimmel then responded to each of West's tweets, which were retweeted thousands of times Thursday evening.

"We’ll keep an eye out during the show to see if he has any new ones," Kimmel said.

He also pointed out that at the recent wedding that West and Kimmel both attended, West was friendly with Kimmel's family. He said that when West engaged in this Twitter feud, he was the "bad" Kanye West. "Then, there's a good Kanye West, who posed for a picture with my dad," he said, showing the photo.

In light of Kimmel's revelation that he was behind a recent viral video in which a woman caught on fire while twerking, some have speculated that this may be another instance of Kimmel's love of practical jokes. Only time will tell if the feud escalates further.