Jimmy Kimmel Cracks Wise About The Real Cause Of Fox News' Christmas Tree Fire

Late night host Stephen Colbert also had something to say about the blaze.

Jimmy Kimmel joked Wednesday that he found the real culprits after a fire engulfed Fox News’ 50-foot Christmas tree. (Watch the video below.)

A 49-year-old man was in custody in connection with the blaze outside the News Corp. Building in Manhattan, which houses Fox News. But the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host had his own suspects.

“The fire is believed to have started after Fox News’ pants caught on fire,” Kimmel cracked.

He was just getting warmed up: “The fire is believed to have started because judge Jeanine Pirro ate one too many rum balls and breathed on a cigarette.”

Kimmel noted the tree was actually a hollow structure in the shape of a tree, “the same way Tucker Carlson is a hollow structure that sort of resembles a human.”

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert offered his own take: “Of course this would never have happened if the tree had a gun.”

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