Jimmy Kimmel Spots Humiliating George Santos Moment: 'A Beautiful Metaphor'

Santos' attempts to duck the press led to one very awkward scene.

Jimmy Kimmel says Washington finally has a “BS artist” who can keep up with former President Donald Trump, and that’s Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.).

Santos, who was elected to Congress in November, has been busted for so many lies that a growing number of lawmakers from within his own party are urging him to resign.

Kimmel noted that Santos appeared for an interview with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who asked him about the $705,000 he claims to have donated to his 2020 campaign despite records indicating he had just $55,000 to his name.

Santos didn’t quite answer.

“I’ll tell you where it didn’t come from: It didn’t come from China, Ukraine or Burisma, how about that,” Santos said, taking a dig at Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who was once on the board of Ukraine’s Burisma energy company.

“That’s great,” Kimmel replied. “So where did it come from?”

Gaetz didn’t push back on Santos’ non-answers. But the newly minted House member has been largely ducking real reporters ― leading to an embarrassing moment at his office door that Kimmel called “a beautiful metaphor” for the embattled lawmaker.

Check it out in his Thursday night monologue:

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