Jimmy Kimmel Is Ready To Pass Out Marijuana At The Oscars

"My goal is to somehow get arrested during the hosting of the show."

We’ve had pizza and Girl Scout cookies distributed at the Oscars. But Jimmy Kimmel, officially announced Monday as next year’s Academy Awards host, has another idea.

In an effort to shake things up, Kimmel proposed getting everyone high before the Feb. 26 ceremony.

“Marijuana will be legal for recreational use in February,” he said on his show.

Turning to security guard Guillermo Rodriguez, he added, “Maybe you can pass some of that around on the red carpet before the show and then we just see what happens.”

Kimmel’s appointment apparently caught the attention of a certain world leader whose phone conversation with Donald Trump landed the president-elect in hot water with China.

“I will say I got a very nice call of congratulations this morning from the president of Taiwan,” he quipped. “And just to be clear, she called me, not the other way around.”

Kimmel also announced his wife is pregnant ― yet another big hosting gig for the family. 



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