Jimmy Kimmel And James Corden Mock Kim Kardashian's Letter To Her Future Self

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian released a letter to her future self, and on Wednesday, late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden each used their respective shows to lovingly mock it. Because lets face it, a letter from someone who hopes that in 10 years scientists will have invented a "mysterious and delicious green juice to keep [her] tan forever" is mockable. (Again, we would definitely invest in this technology should it ever exist.)

Kimmel went for the straight-forward route, with his own letter to his future self, complete with a full recreation of Kardashian's outfit, down to her pastel pink nails. And just as the reality star wondered in her own letter if selfies would still be a thing 10 years from now, so did Kimmel, who also pondered, "Did Hitler ever come back to life? I sure hope not."

Meanwhile, Corden had a slightly more original (and more self-deprecating) take in a bit that had him reading a letter he had written to himself back in 2005. Like Kardashian, he had many questions for himself, including: "Are you still rocking those Von Dutch trucker hats? So cool. Are you still writing 'Harry Potter' erotic fan fiction? ... I just invested all of my money in MySpace, so I bet by now you must be a billionaire." Yep, 2005 was rough and 10 years from now, all of this will be just as cringeworthy.



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