Jimmy Kimmel Knows What Jesus Would Say To Trump's Open-U.S.-By-Easter Plan

The talk show host also explained how the president and first lady Melania Trump innovated a precaution against coronavirus.

Jimmy Kimmel invoked a higher power Tuesday to slap some sense into President Donald Trump. (Fast forward to the 2:45 mark in the video below.)

In his latest home-confinement monologue, the talk show host mocked Trump’s goal to have the country “opened up” by Easter to get people back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s aspiration, Kimmel noted, defies health experts, who say we need to maintain social distancing for a longer haul to stem the death toll.

“By Easter?” Kimmel asked incredulously. “That’s in 2 1/2 weeks. Even Jesus is like, ‘Jesus! Calm down, let’s think this thing through.’”

The host added: “We’re all gonna die so the president can eat Peeps.”

Kimmel also mentioned that first lady Melania Trump tested negative for COVID-19.

“Of course she did, she’s been six feet way from her husband since Stormy Daniels,” he cracked. “Their marriage was the inventor of social distancing.”