Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Confronts A Vaccine Conspiracist

The talk show host's warning to the man was definitely out there.

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday addressed a “new line of lunacy from anti-vaxx nation” called the magnet challenge. The talk show host said some people claim that since they got the COVID-19 vaccine, their arm “now has magnetic properties presumably because of the microchip implanted when they got the shot.” (Watch the video below.)

The comedian showed a few conspiracists awkwardly trying to prove their point. He noticed that one of the dubious researchers had “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on in the background.

That’s when Kimmel ratcheted up the paranoia as he closed in on the camera to speak to the man, who happened to pronounce COVID-19 as COVAK-19.

“I’ve been watching you for years now, Robert. I see everything you do. I put those magnets not only in your arms. your whole body is filled with them. From your ears all the way down to your feet. And when the time is right, I will summon you. You will be lifted up to our home planet COVAK-19 where we will live out our days magnetized to each other.”

Cracked the host: “Well if he wasn’t out if his mind before, he definitely is now.”

Fast-forward to 2:20 for the segment:

For the record, scientists have debunked the magnetic microchip theory and reassure that a magnet will not stick to someone’s arm due to the inoculation.

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