Jimmy Kimmel Shows How F**ked Up Criticism Of Hillary Clinton's Voice Can Be

The comedian volunteered to mansplain things to the former Secretary of State.

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stopped by ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Thursday and got a lesson in mansplaining from the comedian.

To prepare the former Secretary of State to debate someone like Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Kimmel volunteered to mansplain her remarks. In the process, Kimmel proved just how ridiculous it is when people hit Clinton for how loudly or calmly she speaks -- criticism the male presidential candidates don't often receive.

Seconds into her remarks, Kimmel told Clinton she was "shouting."

"It comes off as a little shrill," he said.

Kimmel went on to offer more criticism that seemed all too familiar:

"You know, you have to speak up because we can't hear you. You're like a mouse up there."

"It'd be nice if you smiled."

"OK, don't smile like that, because it's too forced. It looks like you're faking it."

"Just be careful with the face."

"Try to have some fun, this is like your dream. Pretend you're enjoying yourself."

The joke went on, with Kimmel saying Clinton wasn't "doing it right."

"I can't put my finger on it," he said. "But you're not..."

"A man?" Clinton quipped.

We've said it once, and we'll say it again: as a woman with a voice, Clinton can't really win.



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