Jimmy Kimmel Spots What May Be Mike Lindell's Biggest Problem Right Now

The MyPillow boss's newest complaint is also a big opportunity, Kimmel says.

Jimmy Kimmel says pillow maven and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell’s biggest problem right now isn’t his mounting legal woes.

It’s a festering financial problem.

Lindell claims two banks have told him to close his accounts because associating with him is a “reputational risk.”

Kimmel called that “understandable, given the fact that he is a nationally known crazy person” due to his increasingly unhinged claims about the 2020 election.

But he said Lindell shouldn’t have to worry about his bank situation.

“At this rate, Mike is blowing through money so much, I have a feeling this problem is going to resolve itself on its own,” he cracked.

But Kimmel said that’s also presented an opportunity for Lindell, who can now create a bank of his own.

Kimmel brought back comic James Adomian to play Lindell in a fake ad:

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