'Who Would Buy This?' Jimmy Kimmel Shows Off MyPillow Guy's Weird New Merch

Mike Lindell's latest business venture takes an unexpected turn.

Jimmy Kimmel took an inside look at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s latest business venture and found it’s weirder than anything on late-night television.

“There are a bunch of products, it sounds like we made them up,” Kimmel said on Tuesday night. “We didn’t.”

The new online shop, called MyStore, has a $45 sleeping bag for the feet called MyFootsie as well a series of Donald Trump-themed children’s books. The cover of one features “a neanderthal Donald Trump beating an elderly dinosaur with the Constitution,” Kimmel cracked.

The new online store seems to focus on products Lindell has collected from other vendors but also Lindell’s personal merch, such as his book and a life-sized cardboard cutout of him clutching a pillow for $39.99.

“Who would buy this?” a stunned Kimmel asked. “I mean, besides me, who would buy this?”

And those are hardly the only oddball products on the site, as Kimmel pointed out in his monologue:

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