Jimmy Kimmel Reveals His 'Weird Relationship' With Key Trump Ally

The late night host even sent him a wedding gift.

Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night torched Mike Lindell after an appearance by the MyPillow CEO in Las Vegas went so poorly that the event organizer had to take the mic and demand everyone sit down and pay attention.

“How embarrassing,” Kimmel said. “It’s like your mom coming to your birthday party at school and going, ‘Sing! Sing to my baby!’”

But that hasn’t stopped the two from developing the media landscape’s strangest bromance.

Kimmel recently sent Lindell a trash can as a wedding gift ― and in a clip Kimmel played on Wednesday, Lindell seemed thrilled.

“It’s the least I can do for a man who’s given me so much,” Kimmel cracked.

Kimmel has made regular use of Lindell’s unhinged conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and wild rants in support of Donald Trump. Kimmel has frequently featured comic James Adomian with his spot-on Lindell impersonation, and has even had Lindell himself on a couple of times ― including once stuffed inside a claw machine.

Lindell’s sidekick, Brannon Howse, also sent Kimmel a gift ― which Kimmel showed off on Wednesday night. Kimmel said he was sending a gift to Howse in return.

“What a weird relationship this has turned out to be,” Kimmel said. “Why do I feel like both of those guys are gonna be living in my guest room at some point?”

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:

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