Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Mike Pence Really Thinks About The Mueller Report

The ABC host tries to read the expression on the vice president's face.

Jimmy Kimmel said President Donald Trump and those closest to him are celebrating the report from special counsel Robert Mueller that found no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia. 

Kellyanne Conway drank the blood of an entire goat last night,” he cracked. “The only way Trump could be happier with this Mueller report is if a porn star rolled it up and spanked him with it.” 

But he said there’s one member of Trump’s inner circle who’s not-so-secretly disappointed by the outcome: Vice President Mike Pence.

“Look at how bummed he is, he is so disappointed right now,” Kimmel said as he played a clip of Pence. “He’s like ‘I could’ve been president, now all I have left is the Space Force.’”

See his full monologue in the clip above.