'Jimmy Kimmel' Asks Seniors If They Know How To Take Selfies

"I am too busy with my life as it is," one no-nonsense woman says.

Some of the oldest adopters of new technology might not know how to take a selfie, but they have their priorities straight. “I am too busy with my life as it is,” one woman says in Jimmy Kimmel’s challenge for seniors to snap photos of themselves.

Wednesday’s clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” shows some older people fumbling in their smartphone efforts, but a few get it right.

For anyone who thinks the lighthearted video patronizes, a few comebacks from the aforementioned woman set things straight. After she takes a selfie, she is congratulated.

“I’m thrilled,” she deadpans with an eye roll. The no-nonsense interviewee is later asked if it’s the greatest accomplishment of her life. “I think getting my doctorate in mathematics was a little more great than this,” she tartly replies.

If she were holding the microphone, she could have dropped it right there and walked away.

Watch the video above.

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