Jimmy Kimmel Asks People To Critique Movies That Don't Exist, Thank God

Just in time for the Oscars.

Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News team went out on the streets of Los Angeles to ask average people their thoughts on Oscar-nominated movies.

Luckily, the titles they chose -- "Citizen Cane 2," "Big Man, Little Motorcycle," starring Tom Cruise, and "Vampire Dog," with Sir Ian McKellen, among others -- are entirely fictional. But that didn't stop a handful of respondents from opining anyway.

One woman summed up the segment nicely, although unintentionally, when she stated, "I think lying is the epitome of our nation."

Discussion questions:

- Will David O. Russell cast Jennifer Lawrence as an octogenarian within the next three to five years?

- Which actual Oscar-nominated movie should have been a musical, and why is it "The Revenant"?

- Is Tom Cruise "over"?

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