Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Honors Viral Pizza Hero

Nothing can top this.

A viral video of a restaurant worker catching a pizza dropped by a colleague earned him an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday.

Host Kimmel called Cristian Valadez the “Sully Sullenberger of pizza,” referring to the pilot who safely crash-landed an airliner on the Hudson River in 2009.

Valadez, an assistant manager at Toppers Pizza in Camarillo, California, suggested that Tom Hanks (who actually played Sullenberger) might be best to portray his hot-out-of-the-oven heroism in a movie.

The employee got a burn on the wrist for his courage, but Kimmel gave him something more: a day named in his honor, a bouquet of pepperoni roses, golden oven mitts and the Nobel Pizza Prize. 

Watch Valadez earn a slice of immortality above.